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The exposure ages from the Kanin Peninsula suggest that the last deglaciation of this area took place between 55 and 37 10Be kyr ago, in agreement with a preceding Kara Sea glaciation (55–45 kyr BP).

The northwest coast of the peninsula was probably just outside the maximum limit of the last Scandinavian glaciation (20–17 kyr BP).

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In particular, the role of ice-stream instabilities and oceanographic dynamics in driving their collapse are poorly constrained beyond observational timescales.

Terrestrial in situ produced cosmogenic nuclides a geochronological tool for Quaternary geology and geomorphology Terrestrial in-situ produced Cosmogenic Nuclides (TCN) are suitable for the determination of the exposure age, burial age and denudation rate of rock surfaces, sediments and landforms.

The method is applicable in the time range of 10 years and at variable lithologies.

Glacial erratic exposure ages from the Timan Ridge suggest that the 55–45 kyr BP Kara Sea glaciation reached the northern part of the ridge.

The exposure dates do not show conclusive evidence regarding the existence of a Timan Ridge ice cap.