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To help them find a solution, they turned to interior designer Deirdre Doherty.

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A simple rule to abide by: you should be at your appointed meeting place five minutes early and assume she'll be five minutes late.If you want to impress her, don't make her sit alone at a bar waiting for you.The breaking point for me came around a year and a half after my accident, when a boy I liked told me I’d "be better off moving to places like the UK or France", where people could be more open-minded about my "condition".At that age, it was hard enough to deal with the new label of being "handicapped" (no, I don’t need you to give me your hand every 30 seconds, thank you very much), but being thought of as undateable was even scarier.

Having heard all the horror stories about meeting men online, I never imagined that I’d really talk to my matches, let alone meet them on dates. In our conversations leading up to this point, I hadn’t mentioned my leg at all (and very consciously so).

On the flip side, don't show up in board shorts and flip-flops.

Even if that's how you normally dress, show her you made some effort to look presentable for her and at least cover up your hairy toes.

First of all, let’s take a quick run through the list of insecurities regarding physical appearance (but be warned: if you do not like what you are about to read, just remember that I am only summarizing what, according to the Internet, are the top insecurities of women and why): 1.) Sexuality: By far the most commonly listed insecurity.

Women, apparently, want most of all to be sexually desirable, and are constantly measuring their own sexual desirability against that of other women. They want to look young, are jealous of other women, and are constantly trying to find the right foods and products which will fight the aging process.