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The village of ‘Lanark’, where the young William Wallace grows up, and falls in love with Murron (Catherine Mc Cormack), was constructed in the , the highest mountain peak in Britain.

May of 1297 marks the first appearance in the historical record of Braveheart hero William Wallace …

so we mark today the undated (and presumably fictional) execution/murder of his wife that, by the most cinematic account possible, set Wallace on his own path to the scaffold.

So you end up with dazzling nobles and royals with impeccable hair, skin and clothing, and grey peasants in grey sackcloth with grime daubed on their faces. A good person to help answer these questions is Malin Heen-Allan, manager of the Clanranald Trust, a Scottish charity which aims to increase awareness of Scottish culture and heritage by truthfully recreating Scotland's past through re-enactments and hands-on displays.

Is that in any sense a reliable guide to how medieval people lived, looked and dressed? Heen-Allan is overseeing the Bannockburn battle re-enactments for Bannockburn Live on June 28 and 29 and has worked on films featuring medieval battle scenes.