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You further certify that you are not a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer or official of the U. Postal Service, ordering this as evidence for the prosecution or harassment of any individual or organization.

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"I do not wear make up, I swear I will not do anything that attracts attention to me.They had been neighbours of Botticelli since his childhood, and had commissioned his Saint Augustine in His Study for the Ognissanti church in 1480, probably in addition to other commissions.Younger than Umberto Saba and Eugenio Montale but older than Pier Paolo Pasolini, who championed him, Sandro Penna has been virtually unknown in the English speaking world.Later as he was led out of a police station where he was being held he blew kisses to screaming women who had gathered outside to wait for him and catch a glimpse of the notoriously handsome mobster.Investigators in Palermo on the mafia's island stronghold of Sicily who seized the letters last week in a raid on accomplices of Lo Piccolo have nicknamed his advice the "Mafia Kamasutra." Lo Piccolo boasted of his own sexual prowess in the 10 pages of letters – as well as giving his men orders on how to extort money and carry on with mafia business as usual.Born in Perugia on June 12, 1906, Sandro Penna lived most of his life in Rome (he died there on January 21, 1977), except for a brief period in Milan where he worked as a library clerk.