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Last week, an unofficial, silent alarm rang through the model community: Leonardo Di Caprio was single once again.
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Be happy Rob, now the sadness and pain are no more and I\'ll see you soon. I remember you from "The Secret of NIMH" which I watched a few times when I was little and "You're A Big Boy Now" which I watched earlier this year. Also, you were really hilarious in "You're A Big Boy Now", even though you played an antagonistic character in that one. -David Ligon (a fan)Harvey, Christopher Allan, born 07 October 1978, died 06 April 2013 in Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Our Remembrance A real brother from another mother. The hard life we really do have, alone you were that night. I and the rest of the family and friends miss you every single day. Todd, Amanda Michelle, born 27 November 1996, died 10 October 2012 in Port Coquitlam British Columbia, Canada Our Remembrance I wish I could be able to help you, I wish I could have been your friend, I wish I could have been able to avoid this, I wish you could still be here. His heart, mind, and soul were incomparable to anything I have ever encountered in my life. Your family loves you always remember it and hope to see you on the other side l. Taylor, Patrick Anthony, born 08 September 1964, died 07 July 2012 in North Carolina Our Remembrance By Robert Frost Dedicated to Pat. But now the theory goes That the apple\'s a rose, And the pear is, and so\'s The plum, I suppose. You, of course, are a rose Horne, Jason, born 29 April 1983, died 08 June 2004 in Colorado, USAOur Remembrance Remembrance : A sweet son and brother, a loyal friend, Jason there will never be another soul who lights up our world the way you did.Carney, Eleanor Carolyn Williams, born 05 Janaury 1930, died 03 July 1959 in California Our Remembrance I have not memories of my mother. I'm really sorry that you've been through too much. What a life to take, once again my heart did break. Kenny, Martin, Sr., born 10 August 1979, died 21 September 2014 in Ledyard, Connecticut Our Remembrance He was a loving husband and father to his wife and son Jr. When I think about my future, I will always wish I could have shared it with you. Puzino, Cole, born 28 July 1975, died 13 January 2017 in Huntington Station, New York, USAOur Remembrance Cole was an amazing man. When you left us, your light went out of our lives.

so a friend who was watching her dog could easily come and go.A neighbor told cops she heard the dog barking one night around 1 AM, but didn't think much of it.Govan's motion sensor doorbell also detected movement that night around AM.Basketball Wives LA is finally returning for season 4 after a long hiatus, but the Miami version of the show has been canceled leaving us only with LA, which is currently filming and fraught with plenty of drama – all of it reportedly centered around Draya Michele! The show has cycled through a lot of cast members since it first aired – and after adding Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams last season, producers fired them this season!Last season ended on a dreadful note when Draya flat-out refused to film the reunion with those two ladies.The church was filled to overflowing for his memorial service so there were others who had only the sweetest memories of Robert. He is forever in our hearts, tho broken as they are that there was no help for him. Your loss is felt every day, you are always on our mind. Martin, Liana, born 11 April 1992, died 20 February 2011 in Missouri, USAOur Remembrance You are loved more and more everyday. Love you always and forever, Mom, Felicia, Evan, Memaw, Uncle John, Uncle Dan, Cousin Jake, Nephews Aiden and Corbin. Mom, Bill, and your siblings, Joseph, Jordan, and Nicholas If you are in pain and need to speak to someone right away to stay safe, please call 1-800-273-8255, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Donald, Hutchins, born 30 October 1956, died 28 January 2010 in Temple, Bell County, Texas Our Remembrance There's an empty place in our lives that you once filled. He meant the world to everyone and never realized it. We tried to help him but nothing worked they turned us away as if he didn\'t matter to the world.